Love and Ink by Kiana Donae

Love and Ink by Kiana Donae

3 stars

An interesting collection of poetry that tackles subjects passionate to the author well, though a tighter selection of poems would make this a great book. There are elements of great poetry when the poet deals with femininity and sexuality. These are handled with care and raise issues different from many poetry books. For this reviewer focusing on this subject in more depth would enhance the book.

Using life as a focus works well when the reader can identify with your subjects fully, this is often hit and miss in this collection. Where there is a feeling it would be useful to be in the author’s mind for better appreciation. Some of the poems have that filler effect or are simply pleasant. There is nothing wrong in a pleasant poem, however when it follows her more powerful poetry it gets overpowered.

I feel a sense of an opportunity missed when there is a clear arch for subjects on sexuality and equality that inspire the poet. Though readers will be entertained and left with much thought from the poems. The structure and style is defined well. Some poems lack the proper closure or strong finish, but the sense of more to come from the poet keeps you reading. An enjoyable collection with a show for a promising talent to develop further.

love and ink