Lost my Olive lost my life along with it by K K Smithereens

Lost my Olive lost my life along with it  by K K Smithereens

3 Stars

A collection of poetry that frustrates and interests at the same time. The typical sentiments of love and lost repeatedly take place in almost every poem. There is almost a teenage angst about the voice of the sentiments. Similar to how devastated a 15 year old might feel, when they promise never to love again.

The style and structure reinforce this repeated sentiment. Using a simplistic rhyme scheme that often verges on becoming a limerick. This continued rhythmic beat can tire the reader as the theme rarely changes.

However, what interests is the brief moments the author moves from the subject or when he expands the structure. This shows glimpses of more substance from the author. The length of the collection is probably too long, for what is basically one subject. There are a few elements of narrative that discuss what drives the author, but it tends to get lost amongst the poems. Certainly if the author restructured this collection and tackled the subject of love more abstractly it would benefit the reader. Poems along the line of ‘untitled’ would fully expand the thought and wordplay. Read in small sections you get an understanding of poet that would blossom with guidance.