Little Book of Love by Robby A Lyon

Little Book of Love by Robby A Lyon

3 Stars

Little is such a keyword in this title, as though the poems are few and the depth of expressions not overtly complex it displays a gentle charm.

You find yourself in a similar mood to a Sunday afternoon, just relaxing and not being too taxed by the words of this author. Providing poems that flow and pass you by like a leaf on a spring day.

With such an effortless tone it makes the book one to read in a state similar to the cover. This in turn reflects how poetry in a simpler form can maintain a sense to be compelling to the reader. Even a poem labeled ‘Ode to Vagina’ is inoffensive and has a subtle play with words.

For staying true to his style, I commend the author. Whether a leaf passing you gently by is enough to entertain you depends on the reader. Certainly worth a read.

Little book of love