Food Run by Cindy Santos

Food Run by Cindy Santos

3 Stars

A short tale that highlights the social, economical and emotional aspects of a routine shopping trip. The subject is an everyday matter for many people in this economic climate and is able to find a sympathetic audience. The storyline is not fully stretching and due to the familiarity is easily deduced. However what makes it work is the level observation for the scene that is described with clinical precision.

The flashback and comparison to the day gone era of more emotive customer service is a delicate way of showing the problems of sterile supermarkets. The tone is fairly level until emotions are raised at the end, which causes a moment of reflection on the principles of the main character. The dialogue is mainly internalized and there may have been an opportunity to include more from the surrounds of the scene.

I view this as a test of writing before a major piece of work is produced. If the author succeeds in fulfilling her potential then it will be very much worth looking back at this staring point.

Food run