Escape by CH Little

Escape by CH Little

4 Stars

There is a simplicity and inevitability about the plot, in a tale that resembles a folk tale to scare young adults.  Yet with such a foregone conclusion the length and pacing is judge well to ensure the weaknesses in the plot is not reflected upon greatly.

The general naivety and desperation of the main character plays well to the angst that is so apparent in today’s society, with many longing for such an escape.  The shift between the lack of awareness by the character to the state of high alert drives the finale well. With an epilogue highlighting the pain of regret it almost forms a piece of social commentary.

This brings me back to the overall sense of the story being a folk tale to educate and warn the reader.  The sensitivity and cruel nature of the end displays the strongest points of the author. With such a story the way you are drawn in and then cast aside quickly is solely down to the skill of the author. Worth a read.