Element of Freedom by O’Nika Barnette

Element of Freedom by O’Nika Barnette

3 Stars

A poetry collection heavily influenced by music artists is played to capture the essence of blackness. A very difficult subject to master in a small poetry collection and in this case too much for the author. The simplicity of poetry, which appears youthful at times, has an almost one toned manner. The changes in pattern and tone appear exclusively towards the end of the collection.

The two stand out pieces that would make an excellent starting point to strengthen this collection are “Insanity” and “My black, your black, our black”. Insanity inspired by Dylan Thomas forces the poet to reach a higher level that the simple pacing from the beginning highlight may not have been achievable. The second standout poem, plays well in summarizing elements of black history with the author’s own experiences.

Overall an interesting collection that holds back the talent the author can express with the right encouragement, subject and inspiration.

element of freedom