Eight Lessons for Young Poets by Sherwin W. Howard & John S. Howard

Eight Lessons for Young Poets by Sherwin W. Howard & John S. Howard

3 Stars

This book is very much like a starter that wets the appetite for the main course. In reference to this book that main course is for budding poets to go out and write poetry.

Simplicity is the format, which for an instruction book is useful to cater for a wider audience. Though the book is for young poets the majority of the elements covered would be for a teenage audience rather than a young child.

The structure of the book is to provide an example that is indexed to an end note for further information. Starting with the general structure of the poem it moves on to rhyme and metering. Ending with different styles of poetry.

Like poetry the book can be taken simply or used to gather deeper thought. The book is therefore like a leaflet summarizing elements of poetry. However for a more deeper understanding and thorough reference you would read further or take a class.

8 lessons for young poets