Dante’s Amulet by Melinda De Ross

Dante’s Amulet by Melinda De Ross

4 Stars

An interesting romantic tale that follows the lead of many with a blistering start to slowly lose its intensity. The beauty of the beginning is two unlikely characters meeting and forming a strong bond. The female character is unique being an English shooting instructor and the male character being more typical as a Latin lover. Yet the author plays with these characters with delight and you sense a genuine relationship growing. The intense sexual scenes give the first half that honeymoon sex feeling. Leaving a warm feeling for the reader to indulge in.

The elements of paranormal and violence, while interesting are not fully developed and feel quite separate from the main story. The initial set up for the introduction is quite bizarre and the main protagonist is far too obvious in his villainy. However these elements are brought in late and do not distract too much from the playful start. Very much a story of two tales, thankfully one dominates the other to make it worthwhile read.