Coping With Terminal Stillness by Justin P Lambert

Coping With Terminal Stillness by Justin P Lambert

3 Stars

In this third poetry collection the main overriding theme is of highlighting perceptions. Thoughts and values we automatically draw upon. These elements are greatly worked upon in the second section of this book. A short poem on social networking speaks volumes for what we perceive of friendship in this age. The first section deals with similar conceptions using nature as the theme. A poem intertwining elements of the creation from the bible is well structured and there is a joy felt by the author in its production.

However there is a strong sense of this book being a scrapbook of concepts and ideas. By incorporating essays and short stories it loses momentum. This is particularly felt in the strong second section that loses much impact by a long essay on 9 self improvement concepts. You can emphasize with the thought, but it seems out of place. The short stories included are like elements of ideas that require more work before presenting to its audience.

With a better structure and stronger focus on a particular theme this book would have realised its greater potential.

coping with terminal stillness