Callback from the Muse: Poems by Michael La Ronn

Callback from the Muse: Poems by Michael La Ronn

3 Stars

Reading the author’s afterword dictated the beginning of this review as it mentions a common scenario for many new writers in poetry. Trying to find an audience and gain recognition. However despite its popularity the buying audience is limited for new writers and recognition requires falling into classical structures. New styles and subjects of poetry are welcome. Though maintaining the quality is the hardest aspect.

This is particularly true in this collection. I maintain my doubts about blending muses or stories with poetry. The differences in structure greatly imbalances the styles in my opinion. In this collection the muses begin well with a creative and descriptive style. However they started to become obscure and lose impact towards the end.

The same can be said for the poetry that starts well with a strong number of highly creative poems. An array of different subjects give it a scatter-gun approach, which excites at first. Though this fades as a more traditional focused approach may have improved the flow of the collection. As with many new writers the term unfocused promise comes to mind. There are elements contained in this collection that the author can further develop to return with a stronger collection of poems. Overall worthy of a read with the hope of more to come from this author.

callback from the muse