Brine Rights: Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes by Brine Books Publishing

Brine Rights: Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes by Brine Books Publishing

3 Stars

Modern poetry is at its best when it tackles new subjects and establishes new techniques. In this collection of poetry mixed with short stories, the new topics are most welcome. The overriding theme of the collection is social justice and exploring the ills of society. However the impact is failed greatly by the structure and selection of material. Due to the vast difference in pacing between stories and poetry it is a balance difficult to interweave in a collection. Similar problems that have happened in other collections appear. Either the poem or story stands strong with the loser fading into the background.

Similar to inserting short programmes into a 3 hour film the beginning of the book is badly paced. There is a sense by the editor this will cause frustration as the ending of the book relies solely on poetry. The saving grace as the stories though tackling strong subjects are fairly obvious and read more like witness accounts from the news. A split between both styles would greatly improve the reading.

Having been distracted by the structure the good points are the poetry. A powerful poem sandwiched between two stories is ‘Ruined Goods’. That is unapologetic in tackling scenes of rape with a harsh conclusion. A simple poem that could be expanded further that loses it impact by being placed towards the end is ‘Pecking Order’ that deals with racial issues. A later entry of a poem called ‘Declaration’ is a typical fist pumping call to arms poem that is better as a starter or finish to a collection.

In conclusion despite being frustrated on many occasions there are enough gems to warrant a read.

Brine Rights