Be A Spark: Seeking Light by Maria Mudassir

Be A Spark: Seeking Light by Maria Mudassir

3 Stars

There is a subtle irony from the beginning of this poetry collection, where the authors asks critics to be kind and appreciate the simple joy of writing. Harsh words can destroy early talent. This is a collection that shows much thought and vision. Though it is hindered occasionally by pacing and length. Very much like a good movie that adds that extra hour that disturbs full enjoyment by the viewer.

An example is displayed in the poem ‘Not Dead, I’m Still Alive’. I wonderfully concept that starts majestically that gets weighed down in the middle and loses power towards the end. This is a reflection of the book as a whole. Long poems require much care and precision to maintain a connection. The author’s shorter poem provide much better focus, even though the longer poems have the greater concepts.

With a youthful spirit the technique of writing is geared to speak directly to you the reader giving insight and inspiration through life’s journey. A noble concept that requires good handling to not become too strained and overbearing. A poem to a father is gently handled with simplicity. With that tone this is more of a guide for the poet to further develop her skills and talent. A good beginning.

Be A Spark