Ashlynn’s Dreams (Devya’s Children) by Julie Gilbert

Ashlynn’s Dreams (Devya’s Children) by Julie Gilbert

4 Stars

The beauty of writing is to both entertain and enlighten the reader. This book achieves both in my opinion as following the end of this story, you are left with much philosophical thoughts on science and the mystery of dreams. The writer takes on the youthful character of Ashlynn with ease as she develops in stature and maturity as an unlikely heroine. The story is moved along by using the journal format that also maintains the youthful nature of the characters like a teenage diary. The interplay between the characters viewpoints in this journal provide varying viewpoints of scenes that almost mimic the readers thought. The scene that creates the story arc touches on our greatest fear and leads to what can be described as a battle of wills from what appear to be unmatched opponents. The protagonist who’s opinion and motive raises many moral questions is well handled, if not slightly less prominent in the final scenes. Though thankfully provides one lasting telling point. Without giving away too much, dream control provides a fascinating subject. Especially when the majority of the characters are at a young age. The developing mind being granted overdeveloped powers is a beautiful contradiction. The book plays to many audiences and should not be typecast as teen fiction as it evolves like the characters in maturity, giving the reader deeper substance with each chapter. A delightful book that pleasantly surprises and recommended for reading.

Ashlynns Dreams