Always Hers: Bedtime Stories and Poems by Edward J Cole

Always Hers: Bedtime Stories and Poems by Edward J Cole

4 Stars

Being asked to review more genres outside of poetry, I cannot help by fall back on my poetic eye whilst reading. This book covers both poetry and short stories. The stories are clearly the star of the show with the poems having a subtle simple means to introduce the following story. The gentle structure to these poems are the calm before the passion of what are erotic encounters.

Again the author surprises as the stories move with a slow similar structure with differing environments, but the passion builds with each tale. Looking for a central tale to define the book is done easily with the ‘Prince and Duchess’ trilogy. This tale that appears towards the end centers on a growing sexuality by said prince that portrays a lasting confidence. Rather than simply have sex for the sake of fulfillment. Like the overall theme of the book it is a gentle guidance that builds with a learned passion. Leaving the reader not embarrassed or shocked, but enjoying the expression of sex. I have not mentioned the word love, which is the most important word and its omittance is necessary. Bedtime stories excites for the prelude for sexual adventures or dreams.

Always her