A Year of Tears: Learning to trust and Accept Love Again by Nikki Knight

A Year of Tears: Learning to trust and Accept Love Again by Nikki Knight

4 Stars

Such an eternal theme that captivates most writers that can be both understood and misunderstood by the reader. The beauty in this subject is that it remains forever relevant, but making it interesting for the reader is a challenge.

The author clearly knows this subject and the introduction from the beginning establishes where she is coming from in writing. Describing the style of writing leads to many interpretations. It could basically be deemed a short story in a journal format. More vividly it could be a narrative epic poem with a touch of Villanelle repetitive emphasis. A combination of all may lead to a definition of the style and this automatically breeds interest while reading the piece.

Though highlighted from woman’s perspective with characteristic self-confidence issues that impact on the majority of women in this age, it has elements for understanding by both sexes and has an inspirational feel to this vast subject.

This journey of the female character with highlights of modern day angst has an almost therapeutic touch as she speaks out to the reader. Healing herself through the pain and providing questioning to heal those readers experiencing similar feelings.

With so much that can be explored in this brief piece of writing, upon reflection it could be expanded as it has a sense of a summary of a novel. Though it could merely be a work that causes creative expansion to combine with your own sentiments to dream of the full story.

A Year of Tears