A Witch’s Aura by Devon Volkel

A Witch’s Aura by Devon Volkel

4 Stars

The premise of this book in combination with the title gives the reader a picture for foretelling what may occur with the story. This puts a pressure on the story to uphold your interest and thankfully ‘A Witch’s Aura’ succeeds well. The youthful nature of the characters and young love brings much memories to anyone who has experienced such emotion. You may find yourself in a dreamlike state as the friendships and loves are formed in the story. Connecting with a character is important to empathize as the story develops. For lovers of paranormal and of course witchcraft, the elements mentioned provide fascinating insight.

Instincts dictate this dreamlike happiness cannot be maintained without a trial and the plot twists gather a strong wind towards the latter part of the book. I am still undecided whether this should have come earlier or more hints placed sporadically. How this would have effected the overall feel and character empathy would be an interesting alternative.

None the less the climax pulls at your heart despite the head already knowing the outcome. An exceptional tale that reads well, demanding your attention as it draws you in emotionally before releasing its surprises. Highly recommend you read.

A witchs aura