A Touch of Poetry by Melinda De Ross

A Touch of Poetry by Melinda De Ross

3 Stars

There is a dream like spiritual sense to this small collection of poems. They are connected in subject matter and use of language that envelop the reader to enter a different plane. Each poem almost follows on from the next or reflects back to sentiments already raised. This enables it to have a consistent flow and the overall length of the book is judged right to avoid the feelings being overdrawn.

There are a few key words repeated, which are dreams, memories and illusion. This enhances a hypnotic feel in the writing. However the constant repetition can weaken the effect over time. There is a potential for further expansion of themes and more grander metaphors would further develop this collection. Overall it is dream like in its intentions as it passes and fades in similar manner. Though you will remember elements for further reflection.

a touch of poetry