30th Year Poetry by A. J . Hayes

30th Year Poetry by A. J . Hayes

3 Stars

A noble effort by author A. J. Hayes is the basis for his poetry book `30th Year Poetry’. In writing poems daily for a year this does lead to obvious pitfalls. A slow beginning eventually makes way for an array of fascinating insight on subjects close to the author’s heart and occurring in his life. His work is at his best when there is a more emotive essence and dealing with worldly subjects. The rhythm of his pieces also improves when he appears more focused.

There can be much frustration, when great poems are followed by fillers and what appear unfinished poems. This can break your own reading flow and question whether more tightly editing/arrangement would benefit the book.

The author often switches into prose and communicating directly to the reader, which often distracts more than aiding the poems.

A breakdown of each poem and the thought process involved is quite an interesting concept that completes the book. Due to the nature of the book it seems suitably placed as you join his year journey from another aspect.

Overall the book shows the skill and passion of the poet and is worth reading. However a more focused and better poem selection would show off his undoubted talent.

30th Year Poetry