London Walk

Steppin’ out in a crisp white tee
Enthralled by a unique hot summer
Familiar aromas excite the air
Inducing psychedelic wonders
Eyes beat slow seeking sleep
A brother drives by checking the trainers on my feet
Glance to the side seeing a blur exposed outside
I decrease movement to focus
Flashes of a backside
Inside hidden discomfort as a woman cries
A man bursts out the front door
Enraged by secretive lies
I continue to stroll
Teenage girls doing a dance by a lamp pole
Stay in school becomes an afterthought
Caught in amazement when a bike accelerates
The rider waves his gun in the air
Yet nobody in the neighbourhood stares
Suddenly councillors care what happens on these streets
John Smith knocks on a Africans door asking to save Africa
Money get washed all the way from barbers to chicken shops
It don’t stop
Your heart stops
Three hoodies coming close to me
I stand tall like a “gee”
Intoxicated survival brings me home around three
Unlock the door to see mum still watching home shopping on TV

based on true events