Poetry Review

Having established myself as a reviewer.  I reflected that I rarely get the chance to review my own work.  Rather than simply choose a poem to review, I will choose a poem that critiques my own life and show some understanding of the creative process.

They say the subconscious mind reflects on the present to show a glimpse of the future.  The poem ‘Wrong era’ defines this in the title alone as there is no such thing as a perfect era.  The many human problems, concerns and complaints have rotated in mankind’s thoughts since the big bang.

Looking at myself, I was always good at foresight and remember my time in the civil service.  There was much acceptance for the status quo and for some it was almost semi-retirement.  I just knew these “good times” would be over and many would be left exposed in the private sector.

My greatest time in life was being self-employed as an aromatherapist.  Challenging and so much hard work.  I never thought a 7 day working week would be a source a joy.  It gave much insight in the ills of life.  Dealing with clients with a loss of purpose and happiness that would manifest as a physical/mental condition. 

Having spent the majority of my childhood raised by a single parent, being my mother, I had developed that fantasy tale of the perfect partner, only to stumble across a partner by sheer luck of fate.  These moments fascinate the mind and play many stories to our lives.  The ying and yang theory plays very much in our world.  That negates bringing forth perfection at will.

After finishing my book ‘Entwined Mystery’, I had become so mentally drained.  Spending morning and evening with the creative process took its toll.  Last year was a difficult year, I was quite lost.  Working like many in a  job that did not suit my values or sense of purpose made recovery worse.  However I see it now as being a great year.

My chance meeting with a great psychic helped question my fears.  Even being told off for not developing my own abilities was a shock to my system.  Only yesterday my spiritual guide questioned my weak faith, confirmed my past life and that I had repeated similar mistakes, but had a chance to correct them in this life.

Funnily enough my strong social network profile came from my fear of it to begin with, for as much as people use it to dream of being a star in the “dullness” of life it can fully expose your weaknesses to the masses.

Therefore in a very roundabout way the poem “Wrong Era” is about believing in yourself and what you do.  The follies of life will always continue, but we eventually stop.  Hopefully when we do, we have not wasted our time on earth.

Wrong Era

I look up at lucid snakes descending down a window
Trying to retreat from the suspense of back-streets
A vacated main road, has lost much soul
Socially we become hermits
Encased in our homes
Struggling in wealth maintains and strains the family unit
Can you hear it?
Dreams whispered on mouths float in the wind
Repeating a cycle
Mimicking animals, solely focused on survival
One thing that never changes is how we like to divide
Genetic parenting, has no place now
Therefore humanity slides
While divorce rates rise, due to a role reversal
Consumer demand, forces the buyers hand
Things have gotten so bad, people wish to remain in prison
For they wish to maintain regular home cooking
The confusion of many is defining what is home
Self-conscious image, leads to an opaque reflection
Children dream desperately of touching the wings of a star
From afar we see nature fight mankind
My thoughts and character define
Though they feel unsuited to this space and time
God’s image in my face
Then why do I no longer believe in the divine?
Like a Sunday evening, the fear that tomorrow brings is sorrow
Giving in and afraid to fight
Taking no chance to look in the mirror
Realising I was born in the wrong era