Blurred Portals

A very deeply layered poem for your enjoyment.

somewhere between teal and turquoise

Heartsickles melt into rainbow spectrum streams.  Seeing him with a halo is everything but real. It’s a dream. Autumn leaves.  Strength isn’t what it seems, or needs to be. What does it mean? His name in the wind calls to me sleep, semi lucid, I lie here wondering about the texture of his skin. I feel him without feeling him, reading lecture notes his cells hold, shining light from within, and all of the art, peppered arcs in darkened ink, carved into his archered heart and in his himness I sink, absorbing his sickness to heal him he blinks… the sun escapes his eyes and, the sky greys his island, my shimmer makes him shy and, his contours build this land of love and… Grant me this land, and that land, justice, compassion the will to understand and, I only want, this one land…

Once upon a fable,
we won’t…

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