Ocean Current of Devotion

This poem’s concept was devised by my soul mate and written by yours truly.  

Fate made it a last minute entry into my book ‘Entwined Mystery’.  


I land face down in the sand

Stranded on this island

My first thought is only of you


My journey afar

Embraced a lifetime connection

Though I returned home alone


Sentiments float in a message in a bottle

One day you will touch

When opened you will feel touched


My first glimpse of you realised light

I understood what it meant to feel whole

Connected like a coral reef

A sweet valentine brings peace


Washed ashore

I reminisce

They say my continued affection is delusional


I searched for other fish in this sea

Though fate brought others

They never last as it always returns you to me


The tears of lovers make the ocean

Leaving me transfixed on the seashore

I open my mouth to take in your precious breath


I kiss you on your forehead to let you know my devotion

I kiss you on your lips for love is the emotion

I kiss you on your belly to welcome our child

Closing and reopening my eyes

Hoping this not to be a dream


The name Valentina makes my heart grow fonder

It gives me strength

Though it appears we are separated by the ocean

If I am truly honest

There is something I need to tell you

You make my world true

I am an ocean current of devotion

Forever bringing my love to you