How was your day? – Free Verse Style

Greater good

Sentiments force a smile

Short-sighted when he comes closer, my vision impaired

He stares at me wanting instant affection

A glimpse at the dinner table states what is due

I reflect wondering if I have become a fool

Seeking clues with questions of his day

The mystery remains, privately contained

Two strangers with connecting hearts

We grow apart each day

Though I welcome his cause

The need for law

I touch myself till I am sore, just to feel adored

Bored as self entertainment is difficult when there is two

His castle, my prison

Too easy to make a legal decision

Constantly connected, his life is on edge

One day he will find his wife on a ledge

So the whole world can look me

People to notice me, visually he might finally see

My profile status switches from married to single

I do not mean harm, but seeking to mingle

Demanding attention from sources so fake

Though there smooth words I intake

A sex to be fair

Good sex becoming rare

Sometimes we see straight through each other

I merely act automatically as a mother

Surrounded by chores

You dare condemn it as leisure

We fight against our world’s everyday

When united we should blossom as lovers

Different from any other couple

Stuck because of the greater good 

Copyright © 2013 Louis Cecile