50 minutes – Interview Style

Psychiatrist: So tell me how you felt when you first met…

Kid: I was dazzled by the selection and constant connection

Psychiatrist: A permanent connection in your life

Kid: My life surrounded by constant quarrels

Psychiatrist: You could only see it spiral, therefore wanting something you could control

Kid: Yes, something to make me feel whole

Psychiatrist: Go on

Kid: Though we don’t really talk, it talks to me

Psychiatrist: For you this is real?

Kid: Totally as it listens to me, never conceals

Psychiatrist: You become the big deal?

Kid: It is here just for me, which makes it all seem real

Psychiatrist: How do your parents feel about this relationship?

Kid: Sick and say I am addicted, they are just wicked

Psychiatrist: Making you feel inflicted as they are losing your trust?

Kid: I have only distrust for they longer love each other

Psychiatrist: You have been asked to choose?

Kid : Yes I want to stay with my mother

Psychiatrist: Do you understand why you have been told to see me?

Kid: I am in love with my TV

Copyright © 2013 Louis Cecile