How it all began…my poetic journey

The last weekend of National Poetry Month and it has been good to see the art of poetry highlighted globally.

During this month, I have reflected on my own personal poetic journey.

When I was in primary school, I was the only child at home which honed my observant skills. A popular department store wanted stories from young children. Subconsciously aware of my parents inevitable marriage breakdown in years to come, I wrote a short story on an Asian couple who ran a shop going through a divorce. My teacher at the time was startled by my imagination, but I was not encouraged and my creative talent laid dormant throughout my teens.

Always still curious about the world around me and being a trained aromatherapist in my twenties developed my instincts further. I wrote a reflective piece on what I had seen in life. This further developed to my first book ‘Thoughts in Rhyme‘. The idea at the time was to capture my thoughts using basic rhyme in a free verse format. Free verse is my main passion as being a Leo I have full control without constraints.

Having not being encouraged during the education process, I was quite reluctant and fearful to share my work. However, talking to many creative minds and poets boosted my confidence to share. Sharing strengthens your skills and development. Having poems published in various anthologies still is a great achievement for me personally.

Experimenting with mediation yoga has led me to write more automatically. Meaning I reflect on themes and allow it to process in my subconscious during sleep. Then awakening with a poem that writes itself instinctively.

I did a creative writing course a few years ago and one particular lesson on play writing influenced my second book ‘Entwined Mystery‘. The basis of which was to fully flesh out narrative poetry into a story collection.

I found this a very exhausting process, but finally finished after four tough years. People who follow my Twitter account (louiscecile23) will be aware of my need for sweets to feed my brain. I highly recommend jelly babies.

This month I wanted to write some one off poetry as I tend to focus mainly on the next book project. Thanks to ‘Poetic Thoughts‘ by Cathriona, I was keen to look at classic poetry and different techniques. Therefore each weekend I have focused on two different techniques.

I have added my own technique of interview style that I developed in my second book.

While resting on holiday, I visited a psychic who got me to ask my spirit guide if he helped to write my poetry. The answer was yes and my future work will look for topics of interest in the world around me with spiritual guidance.