Global Warming – Name Style

Global Warming

The name forces me to cry

The earth sheds increased tears, though when toughened becomes barren

Dry soil threatens nature to recoil

Humanity unaware of the nature of its soul

Care for cash

Space exploration brings envy

Our every small step, merely shifts planetary plates

With no skills as a catcher, we bring a downfall

Global Warming

Inherently mankind has a complex to no longer exist

We stand like William Tell

What story does this tell

Man willing to kill himself or nature

When the arrow pierced the apple and the tree

Red symbolised how nature bleeds

The name leads expectancy for heat

A winter never ending brings only defeat

A reflection of our defeat

The world canvassed in white wanting to start again

Let humanity freeze as it gave birth to disease

Global Warming signifies the earth’s anger

Pubescent extreme emotion for one so old

Will your children live on for this story to be told?

Copyright © 2013 Louis Cecile