One Night Man

Hey babe what’s your name?

Should I ask what is your name?

Do you even know my name?

I get up and stand by the window frame

I peep out the window

Survey the streets, in case a jealous lover creeps

The sudden fear makes me erect

Inspect the bed, she lies

Who are you?

Who am I?

Sex binds us

The only thought that I have

You awake and I am ready to be gone

So long, maybe a next time with the one night man

False names on motel registers

We pretend together

A short night that will seem like forever

Laughing down the corridor

Lust the feeling as I throw you on the floor

Unprotected, common sense disconnected

People banging on the wall

Our sounds disturb their sleep

The woman weeps, professing love

There is no love for the one night man

Sexual needs from the look feed the one night man

Unconditional yet with a condition

No ties, no calls and no in-laws!

This is my movie

Random encounters

Ruled by pleasure

Let’s not get together

But enjoy each other

The one night man aka Steve Scott