Psilocybin awakening to enter a new world

Two by two they enter leaving a taste so foul

Though they satisfy that eternal hunger

The two of us united to go on a journey to unify our souls

Married in a strange world we sort another

To redefine our essence as lovers

Physic abilities remained distance

Enhancement would allow us to embrace ourselves

Feeling nausea we touch our hearts

Becoming unwell though more well than ever

That sensation of first witnessing soap lather

The foam and the way it seems heavenly as it disables

Resembles the now translucent walls of the room

We stretch to touch

Though touch seems unnecessary in this new reality

Colours dance before our eyes

Golden rays, crimson reds

Unite to become an orange haze

We see our eyes look back at us

Have we left our bodies and moved to another world?

We inhale to become light

Eyelashes flutter like a bird in flight

Exhaling we hold each other’s hands and soar

Joined by a majestic dove

We glide in the air

The world is afar

Unknown be this planet

Enveloped in a place with no land

We try to focus, though stay perplexed

This glory where we communicate in mind

Move like data through cables

We appreciate without understanding

Simply being

Primordial world that has taken no shape

It remains spontaneous in movement

Leading us to be together and fly

The dove perches on a cloud

Wingspan open

We enter to be embraced

A trickle dances down our spine

Expanded mind

Entwined love

This mystery

Brings you next to me

How can we return to that world?

Now that we are awaken

A vision can be our reality