Flauros enters in Kuro

Moments of true harmony come when eyes are closed

Witnessing the abyss like the opening of the black mamba’s mouth

I shall not cry out!

A sense of bliss, eyes open with endearment of Kuro

Reveal my destination that surrounds

An altar of shadow, entered from a depth that is hollow

Chants of Aquerra, envelop the lair

Red curtains flow down the stairs, resembling blood

Not divine though it flows from above

Each step draws a creek

In darkness one is bound

I am in awe to appreciate the scene, yet try to delude in thinking it’s a dream

I touch broken glass; feel the warmth as plasma trickles fast

Engraved like a tattoo, not simple art but work of dark arts

Darkness brings cover and light full exposure

No longer have I walked on a road to nowhere

Visions of Cemetery Lane re-enter the brain

For from under this place lies sacred ground

Black pupils reflect blackness from a priest’s hooded robe

One glimpse turns the body cold

Yet bold, I join to congregate in Kuro

Disciples with no faces smile and lure me to mimic their chants

Behind, naked women start to dance

The rhythm leads to trance

Such devotion, a limitless power

The one who is fallen has the Earth to rule

My mind a collective, hypnotic the thoughts

My eyes turn to the one who is caught

Paraded to the altar, the shadows embrace

The light from a dagger reflects the wonder of those without face

Celebration for the release of spiritual power

I am led, empowered by the dead

Anointed with a mysterious potion

I to succumb to chant with devotion

Loyal to the captured inferno, behold the nocturnal mass