Visual Journey

Seeking space and time, thoughts to awaken my mind

Time to walk in my wake, insight for the journey

Fate to spark, reveal what lies beneath the bark

Distracted by the roots of a tree

Show me your meaning

Am I dreaming?

A hillside descending down

I continue on foot, I take a look

From the branch of the tree, second sight

A leaf takes flight, caught in the wind

It moves to the right, spinning in circular motion

Free as waves in the ocean, rhythmic and illicit as an accordion

Terminal velocity brings the leaf lower, inhuman it raises in updraft

Predestined, unknown is its path

The sun lows, where now for it to go

Constant revolution, a dance in the sky

Like a bee, I wonder how it flies

Its journey free willed or has it let loose its free will?

Does it lead or is it led?

Winding low, it spirals lower

Lost for power, the end of its hour

Returned to the earth, laid to rest

I confess, this has a meaning to be seen

I pause, my journey is done, lowered is the sun

Am I dreaming?

Random steps walk over the brittle leaf, no utterance of speech

Visual intake for my walk in wake

Time for the direction of fate

A gust of wind let it begin

Reanimation sends it to the left

I pause again and inhale a deep breath