Dark Ablution

Translucent movement

What can you see?

Enveloping the city, death and misery

Sub zero reveals your breath

Something in the air to ponder who will die next


Desire takes form

Yet nothing you can see

Though at the end there is a sensation

A cloud gathers releasing precipitation


The storm passes over for those of a colour

They see a new chosen race

The summoner watches hoping for his kind to embrace


Gentle movement, soft is the touch

When victims are seen

They enter the never-ending dream


Hardened and violent

What once was soft now juxtaposed

Though continuous its flow




Becomes blinding

Awake for penetration

Ablution for dark salvation


Entombed the remains of life

Condense an aura of suspense

Nothing can circumvent

It will not relent

Condensation, a revelation

The process starts once again