Troubled Soul forever seeking

To see what you have missed for most of your life

I witness beauty and thank fate for being so kind

A cycle of loving thoughts enter the mind

Though I often feel scared

With worries and fear

I thank someone that you are here

My heart reaches out often confusion comes from the mouth

Though we never met we have our special dance

Entranced by the energy that realised my inner glow

Surprised by my words often truly felt

When you feel near the earth falls from under

I wonder about

Dismayed without you I long to touch you

Others may try to steal you away

I know my sweet that I shall have my day

The world will stop the heavens be open

I have waited so long with such devotion

Awaiting the hour when we both see the same stars

A perfect moment

Feel our pleasure

Let us float to sky and yonder on high

As a bird feels free when we meet you can unravel me

With patience

With my usual fear

I await you dear