My Town

This is my town

I believe I own it

It owns me yet apart

I can be free

I know him and her

I remember sitting by the tree

I can tell you how the wind blows

Or when last that it snowed

The shortcut to the station

The neighbours that I miss

Which is the best chippie

And the streets you should miss

My town was silent an echo brings alert

It has been not five years

When I return I feel hurt

Where are the trees

Expansion all around

Who are these people

No one remembers my name

Look in the sky and all I see is a crane

No land is safe no space is free

Brick after brick

My town what have they done to it

The air feels different my shortcuts are blocked

Most shops are closed

New families casts lots

To obtain a sought after spot

The shops are revamped the prices too steep

Have to be careful on all streets as danger tends to creep

What language is spoken

Can hardly hear myself think

Look around and kids mainly drink

This is too much I feel out of touch

My town is no more

Oh look they want to build another superstore