My Smile

I can’t smile anymore

I look around waiting for the sound

True nature surrounds a moment for bliss

I still look around waiting for a sound

I can’t smile anymore

A story told in prism reveals the same omega

Striving through this saga realising we have yet to reach potential

I can’t smile anymore

Repetitive strain

Daily repetition

I seek a new high where is the astral plane

Same faces seeking new places

I can’t smile anymore

Where is the respect

They cannot see regret

Attain for what

Look for meaning when permanently forgot

I can’t smile anymore

God save me

Spirit cleanse me

Split faces reside on holy ground

Commandments of choice

Do we really listen to the voice

I can’t smile anymore

Look for happiness

Look for wealth

Look of love

We look below continue a search where there is nowhere to go

I can’t smile anymore

They are better

She is fatter

Oh you really care and ask what is the matter

I can afford

Yet still we are bored

Seek the umbilical cord

We don’t really smile anymore