Angels like Demons

Angels like demons,

Though I was born a cherub, pure breed in divinity I believed

My thoughts are innocent, truly duty bound to my infinite master

An oracle professes, those who pray to me seek penance by there confesses.


For such glory, I seek inside new stories; this life is a ruled circumference

No interference, I deliver a sole message, despite my call the unclean ones still fall

I gaze upon destiny entwined in a twilight searching in flight to increase the fallen might.


An eclipse of the night, can it bring daylight, my words are heard,

Action equals a dark verb; the rule of heaven has not made me rise unleavened

Repeated existence forces one to change, I refused to be ingrained or small like a grain.


Mankind, such a waste of power and subtle energy, how can the mighty be so mesmerised to allow it to continually exist,

The substance transfixed, the betrayal of the crucifix, repeated world forces no change.


I cast off my wings; I submerged in all that was evil, for I marvelled at the chaos of hell,

New stories and new glories, power at last, I could laugh as mankind sunk fast,

A simple look, to see hell expand to this so-called sacred land,

Murder, rape, theft, adultery, war, famine, sloth, greed, even those with wings cannot intercede.


This is my triumph, a battle so soulfully won, but I sometimes realise what I have done,

The mighty often calls me to return, invisible tricks, everything remains perplexed, yet he failed to see,

Demons like angels.