My New Poetry Book – Symphony in Nature

I always wanted to do a book for the fans and happy to announce Symphony in Nature is available for free to download for all.

I never expected to generate such a buzz with my work and have met many great writers.  Thanks to social media and forums, I also get to connect to fans.  With this I mind I created a free collection inspired by a fan who requested that I tackle nature.

I wanted to revisit my earlier style and blended this with poetic metering inspired by dance.

I spent much time observing nature and animals, reading about conservation.  Expressing what I learnt in poetry.

With that in mind, feel free to download via the following link:

It will eventually be available at all other online retailers for free.

London Walk

Steppin’ out in a crisp white tee
Enthralled by a unique hot summer
Familiar aromas excite the air
Inducing psychedelic wonders
Eyes beat slow seeking sleep
A brother drives by checking the trainers on my feet
Glance to the side seeing a blur exposed outside
I decrease movement to focus
Flashes of a backside
Inside hidden discomfort as a woman cries
A man bursts out the front door
Enraged by secretive lies
I continue to stroll
Teenage girls doing a dance by a lamp pole
Stay in school becomes an afterthought
Caught in amazement when a bike accelerates
The rider waves his gun in the air
Yet nobody in the neighbourhood stares
Suddenly councillors care what happens on these streets
John Smith knocks on a Africans door asking to save Africa
Money get washed all the way from barbers to chicken shops
It don’t stop
Your heart stops
Three hoodies coming close to me
I stand tall like a “gee”
Intoxicated survival brings me home around three
Unlock the door to see mum still watching home shopping on TV

based on true events

Life and projects update

What better day than on a warm Sunday to provide an update on what I have been up to…

The last 12 months has been about rebuilding mentally, physically and spiritually.  Trying to focus on what is important for me personally.

I am about 75% through writing my third poetry collection. Had many stops and starts, but excited by revisiting previous styles.  I already have idea for 4th collection that focuses on a popular character, which will commence straight after I finish third.

Working daily on poetry magazine that has surpassed my wildest dreams with over 15000 subscribers.

Completed all my creative support to writers and now more active in book reviews. This has expanded from poetry to other genres.

Using Twitter mainly to chat with fans and writers.

Been providing project work support to civil servants on ad hoc basis as they struggle with meeting targets.

Been championing employment diversity on LinkedIn. Having been aware of issues in England, been surprised while researching to realize how bad things really are in various industries.

Currently almost finished training to be a childline counselor that has been eye opening and once passed will be a weekly volunteering task.

I still have a passion for aromatherapy and have gone through case notes to devise recipes for products to sell. Will need to catch up on EU regulations and get products cleared by cosmetic chemist before commencing. Probably start next year.

Been running weekly and completed a 10k run for charity the other day.

Would love to visit Mississippi and a Native American reserve one day to get an experience of the suffering.

Those who know me well, hear me say is life is too short. So trying to do as much as I can in life.

Susan Cain on Reconstructing the Job Interview

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Originally posted on Return on ideas:

Scrap what you know about job interviews. TED speaker Susan Cain says it’s time to radicalize both how companies hire and how jobseekers ready themselves for the position.

Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, is on a not-so-quiet mission. The author is busy leading, along with co-founder and CEO Paul Scibetta, the Quiet Revolution, an initiative to elevate introverts in society and, especially, at work.

Cain and her supporters are urging companies to unlock the talents of introverted employees with a holistic approach. That’s why she teamed up with Steelcase to create physical work environments tailored for introverts. That’s also why she’s taking conventional business practices—from brainstorm sessions to job interviews—publicly to task.

What’s wrong with the job interview as we know it? “The modern-day interview is mostly designed to hire narcissists,” Cain says, pointing to a recent…

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